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Why Optima DOMI

Virtual and Immersive: Optima Domi will be the first virtual instruction provider to integrate virtual reality into the student experience on a daily basis, bringing immersive, classroom-based learning to every student regardless of their location. Every scholar will be provided with a virtual reality headset and software.

Students will feel a part of a traditional classroom, but they will also visit outer space, study from inside a human cell, explore ancient civilizations and great wonders of the world, and hear directly from historical figures, such as Aristotle or Abraham Lincoln, and great authors, such as C.S. Lewis and Jane Austen.

We will build a thriving school community through social networking-style applications, virtual reality events, and establishment of learning pods for tutoring, extracurriculars, field trips, service projects, and social interaction, coupled with the school’s priority to instill civic virtue in our scholars in the classical tradition.

Optima Domi seeks to be the international standard for academic, technological, and operational excellence in the field of virtual education. Our vision is to make a high-quality classical education accessible to every family around the world.