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Professional Development

Teaching and learning in VR closely resembles that of traditional face to face instruction. The pedagogical strategies we recommend through the Optima Domi teacher training series are not new. These strategies have been at the core of an effective instruction model since the beginning of formal education. As professional educators, we agree that learning is an active process. We know that the deepest learning happens when students encounter new ideas and skills, try them out, receive feedback from both their teacher and peers and then try them again. They learn by listening and observing similar attempts by their classmates. It is this social learning environment that sets VR experiential learning apart from other distance learning platforms.

Resources to Support Teaching and Learning in VR


Introduction to VR Instructions & Exploring Your VR Classroom
Pedagogical Strategies Part 1
Pedagogical Strategies Part 2
Instructional Tools in Engage Part1
Instructional Tools in Engage Part 2