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Curriculum and Course Content

Source/Origin of Curriculum and Course Content

Optima Domi seeks to provide a content-rich curriculum that uses time-tested instructional approaches with proven track records of success. While the classical, or traditional, method of education has been practiced for hundreds of years, a recent resurgence of classical education in America has brought excellent curriculum options to the forefront, including those for explicit phonics and grammar, intensive writing, Singapore math, and the study of classic literature.

Frequency of Revisions

Optima Domi recognizes the need and value of a systematic and on-going program of curriculum review. We strive for a continuous improvement, researching best practices and the associated impact on student learning. 

Specific Research/Best Practice Used in Design 

In the earliest grades, Optima Domi’s curriculum focuses the majority of the day on teaching literacy and numeracy. Both subjects are foundational to a student’s academic success, so the resources and methods deployed in each case must be consistent and excellent.

Research Related to Effectiveness of Curriculum

Classical education is time proven with a history of over 2,500 years in the West. Virtual reality is the most effective tool for distance learning, allowing the connection of face-to-face instruction along with the traditional face-to-face pedagogical strategies.